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Thursday, March 10, 2011

i'm cool :)

i am emo, because i'm not you. i am me
sometimes we think we know people
but then we realize
people are too complicated to be understood

i trusted you
with my whole heart
i thought you'll never betray me

for me
you're an angel
now, someone made me realize
you're a normal human being
you make mistakes
like everyone else does

no one is perfect
it is my fault to love you so much
to adore you like no one else
to be able to hide my pain just for you

bertepuk sebelah tangan takkan berbunyi
aku undur diri, cukup sampai di sini

thanks, for everything

p/s: i know u won't read this, and i don't mind.
please be happy. it's none of your fault.


Aida fitriya said...

widad, mcm tau je pasal ape ;)

wie said...

aida: kalau tau diam2 eh :')


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